We understand your health is complex and continuously changing, so we offer you strategies and treatments to help you maximize your wellbeing.

The advanced optimal wellness test helps individuals to take control over their health with natural and preventive therapies. They use holistic, integrative methods of medicine as an alternative to the conventional method of treating symptoms with medications.

What Is the Advanced Optimal Wellness Test?

The advanced optimal wellness test consists of an integrative approach to identify the primary source of your medical problems and use the most natural, scientifically backed treatments to address issues like hot flashes, fatigue, and knee pain.

What Are Some Advanced Optimal Wellness Tests?

Hormone Testing

Tests the thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, growth hormone, and sex hormones; adrenal stress index; neurotransmitters.

Specialized Anti-aging Tests

Computerized assessment of your biological age using tests such as methylation markers and patterns.  

Food Sensitivity Testing

Evaluation of an extensive range of food antibodies.

Micronutrient Testing

These tests include urine organic acids, fatty acid testing, plasma amino acids; blood and urine biomarkers indicating oxidative stress; nutrient vitamin and mineral levels; essential fatty acids.

Digestive Analysis

Complete testing for food digestion and absorption.

Toxins and Detoxification Capability Testing

Chelation-triggered urine test for toxic heavy metals; liver detoxification analysis and free radicals blood testing.

Carbohydrate Metabolism Testing

Present blood glucose and insulin level; average blood sugar over three to four months; level of insulin resistance.

Immune Function Testing

Tests of helper and suppressor T lymphocytes

Inflammation Testing

Inflammatory markers; targeted interleukins

Blood Clotting Test

Tests partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time, and for the presence of occult clots in the body.

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